Tufuga Ta Tatau

It is important to do your research, and find a good Tufuga Ta Tatau for your Tatau Journey.

Lawrence Ah Ching © 2015

Preparations for your Tatau Journey (Pe'a and Malu's)

  1. Do a health check with your Family Doctor, Blood test is needed. and also tell your Doctor about your preparation for your Tatau journey.
  2. Prepare yourself Physically and Mentally, also exercise and practising the breathing technic.​
  3. Take as much Sun, like tanning parts of your body the sun hardly get.
  4. A Blessing and support from your Family is really needed, during the whole process of your Tatau Journey.
  5. You need to provide a Fala(Samoan Mat), couple of  lavlava for your own use during your Journey.

Aftercare Guild  Before and After.

      The aftercare procedure is a very important part of the healing process. It requires your utmost care to ensure the best results as well prevent any unnecessary issuess from occurring.

       Remember your Tatau is an open wound that needs to clean regularly. During your Tatau journey, I will give you a written and oral rules of Aftercare to follow(Tapu ma Sa o le galuega), from day 1 until you completed your Tatau with the Samaga Ceremony.

Rule of Tatau Procedures(Tapu ma Sa o le Galuega)

  • Prepare yourself  Physically and Mentally.
  • No Alcohol, Drugs, or any medication that thins your blood during the whole process of your journey.
  • No Shaving or Hair cut during the whole process of your journey
  • No Sexual intercourse during your whole journey.
  • Must accompany at all times by a Family member.
  • Keep out of Direct Sunlight, No Swimming, No Sauna, No Sunbead until your Tatau is Fully healed.
  • Follow up your aftercare procedure, Shower 3 times or more a day.