Tufuga Ta Tatau

Talofa lava and warm Pacific greetings.

Lawrence Ah Ching © 2015

What is Tufuga?

The traditions of a Samoan Tufuga (tattooing) has always been an important feature in my life because it represents core values of my heritage.  Tatau is an ancient art where the special knowledge and methodology that the Tufuga (Tattooist) uses are only passed orally through the generations to those chosen few who are identified with a unique talent. The uniqueness of the Samoan Tufuga is the special tools and the techniques that are used to tattoo. The tools themselves are handmade and crafted according to our traditions and are part of the skill of being a traditional Samoan Tufuga. A traditional Samoan Tatau should only be done through the use of traditional tools as it is what makes the quality of being a Tufuga meaningful.

Historically and even today, Tatau is the rites of passage for Samoan males. For females it is called Malu. The patterns and designs used in Tatau reflect a person’s genealogy or journey in life.  To complete a traditional Samoan Tatau shows a persons true spirit, character and courage. It is a life changing experience and one which I am proud to show and share to others.

Who Am I?

I am Su'a Segaula Fuiavailili Lawrence Randus Ah Ching. I was born and raised in the beautiful South Pacific paradise of Samoa, from the villages of  Lotofaga, Solosolo,Lefaga, Salelavalu, Saleufi and Siusega

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart to my Wife and Kids, Families, and good Friends, for all your love and support and help through out the years. I am very blessed to have you all in my life.

As a Samoan we are naturally talented and skilled craftsman, whether it’s building fale (houses) or va’a (traditional Samoan racing boats) or in the traditional handicrafts of ie-toga (fine mats) or in music. I have been blessed with the rare talent of being able to express my creativeness through the ancient Samoan art of Tufuga (tattooing).  This form of art is my way of sharing my unique culture of Samoa.

Through out the support and help of really good Friends in UK to point me to the right direction. I have been developing the tools to a really high standard of hygiene, with single use needles which is acceptable in every where I work in the World of Tattooing.

I have been really honour and bless to be the first Samoan to registered in UK as a Traditional Tattoo Artist (Tufuga Ta Tatau)

Fa'afetai, Fa'afetai tele lava